The Design Of The Dryer Shoes Automatic Based On Moisture Uses The Method PID

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Okta Andrica Putra
Harkamsyah Andrianof
Aggy Pramana Gusman


This research is in the form of an automatic shoe dryer that can be used when sunlight is not available and users want shoes to dry quickly. This research was conducted to determine the water content before and after drying and to determine the water content lost in canvas-based shoes. The results obtained in the form of a shoe dryer A smartphone is used as the initial controller of the drying process using Bluetooth HC-05. The DHT-22 sensor is used as a temperature and humidity detector in the shoe drying room. And there are several other components as output media, such as a hair dryer that is used to carry out the drying process, a 16X2 LCD that is used to display information on the ongoing process and displays the temperature and humidity of the air around the drying room, a servo motor as a door lock and opener, and a UV lamp. as a germ killer that remains when the shoes have finished drying. The temperature of the shoe dryer is set at 40 oC, with drying times of 45 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes. The effect of the best time variation is that at 90 minutes, the amount of water content that has been removed is 170 grams. The results showed that the tool could function well and was developed for a larger scale

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