Prof. Dr. Fulei Chu      Website   ORCID
Tsinghua University, China
Interests: condition monitoring; fault dynamic modelling; fault diagnostics; signal processing; feature extraction; remaining useful life prediction

Prof. Dr. Fulei Chu      Website   ORCID
Tsinghua University, China
Interests: condition monitoring; fault dynamic modelling; fault diagnostics; signal processing; feature extraction; remaining useful life prediction

Prof. Dr. Fengshou Gu      Website    ORCID
University of Huddersfield, UK
condition monitoring; vibroacoutic analysis; acoustic emission; fault diagnosis; signal processing; measurements; dynamic modelling; AI technologies

Prof. Dr. Zhipeng Feng      Website    ORCID
Beijing University of Science and Technology, China
 signal processing; machinery fault diagnosis

Dr. Wade Smith      Website    ORCID
University of New South Wales, Australia 
Interests: machine condition monitoring; machine diagnostics and prognostics; gear wear; transmission error analysis; variable speed diagnostics; instantaneous angular speed estimation; planetary gearbox diagnostics; sliding wear; dynamic simulations; digital twins

Prof. Dr. Hui Ma     Website  
Northeastern University, China
dynamics of rotating machinery; mechanical system fault diagnosis

Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Gryllias      Website    ORCID
KU Leuven, Belgium
vibrations; acoustics; diagnostics; prognostics; digital twins

Dr. Dong Wang      Website    ORCID
Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Interests: condition monitoring; fault diagnosis; signal processing; statistical modeling; machine learning; statistical learning; non-destructive testing; feature extraction; prognostics and health management

Dr. Meng Ma      Website   ORCID
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
Interests: prognostics and health management; signal processing; surrogate modeling of complex systems; physics-informed machine learning; risk management through Bayesian inference.

Prof. Dr. Lingli Cui      Website 
Beijing University of Technology, China
Interests: system dynamics model and equipment failure mechanism; advanced signal processing method and mechanical fault feature extraction technology;intelligent diagnosis and life prediction technology;modern sensing and on-line monitoring system

Prof. Dr. Gianluca D'Elia      Website    ORCID
University of Ferrara, Italy
Interests: diagnostics and prognostics of rotating machines; gearbox diagnostics;  bearing diagnostics; planetary gearbox diagnostics

Dr. Wenbo Duan      Website    ORCID
University of Hertfordshire, UK
ultrasonic non-destructive-testing; numerical modelling; finite element analysis; acoustics; guided waves

Dr. Mucchi Emiliano      ORCID   
University of Ferrara, Italy
Interests: noise and vibrations of machines, with particular reference to elastodynamic models, condition monitoring, diagnostics and experimental vibration measurements

Prof. Dr. Spilios D Fassois      Website    ORCID
University of Patras, Greece
Statistical Time Series methods for stochastic identification and fault diagnosis / Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Prof. Dr. Olga Fink      Website    ORCID
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Interests: deep learning, with a focus on transfer learning and self-supervised learning, hybrid algorithms fusing physical performance models and deep learning algorithms, deep reinforcement learning and multi-agent systems for intelligent maintenance of infrastructure and complex assets

Prof. Dr. Oscar García Peyrano      Website
National University of Cuyo and Balseiro Institute, Argentina 
vibration analysis; structural vibration; finite element analysis; modal analysis; structural dynamics; dynamic analysis; structural analysis; earthquake engineering; structural health monitoring

Prof. Dr. Len Gelman      Website    ORCID 
University of Huddersfield, UK
Interests: vibro-acoustical diagnosis;  prognosis and root cause analysis;  classical and time-frequency signal processing;  pattern recognition;  structural health monitoring;  NDT in civil engineering and adaptation of condition monitoring technologies

Prof. Dr. Stephan Heyns      Website 
University of Pretoria, South Africa
Interests:  neural networks;engineering education;dynamics;structural dynamics;engineering, applied and computational mathematics;mechanical engineering;finite element method;structural health monitoring;nondestructive testing;finite element modeling

Prof. Dr. Niaoqing Hu  
National University of Defense Technology, China

Prof. Dr. Wenbin Huang     Website
Chongqing University, China
Interests: smart materials and structures, sensors and actuators; condition monitoring and fault diagnosis based on embedded intelligent system; ultrasonic transducers and applications in mechanical and biomedical fields

Prof. Dr. Yongbok Lee    ORCID
Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea

Prof. Dr. Yaguo Lei      Website    ORCID
Xian Jiaotong University, China
Interests: health condition monitoring and intelligent maintenance; big-data era intelligent fault diagnostics and prognostics; reliability evaluation and remaining useful life prediction; mechanical signal analysis and processing; mechanical system dynamic modeling

Prof. Dr. Hongkun Li      Website    ORCID
Dalian University of Technology, China
Interests: signal processing; fault diagnosis; pattern recognition; weak fault

Prof. Dr. Xiaodong Li      Website   
Institute of Acoustics, China
Interests: audio/speech signal processing and system development;electroacoustic device design and development;active noise and vibration control;acoustic and vibration signal monitoring and analysis;acoustic measurement and metrology

Dr. Yuhua Li      Website    ORCID
Cardiff university, UK
Interests: machine learning; data science; condition monitoring; fault diagnosis

Prof. Dr. Weihua Li      Wbesite
South China University of Technology, China
Interests:  intelligent equipment diagnosis and health management;intelligent drive;vehicle NVH performance testing

Prof. Dr. Xihui Liang      Website    ORCID
University of Manitoba, Canada
gearboxes and bearings dynamic modeling, rotating machines condition monitoring, and additive manufacturing products quality inspection

Prof. Dr. Jing Lin      Website   
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astranotics, China
Interests: mechanical system dynamic testing, fault diagnosis and prediction

Dr. Siliang Lu      Website    ORCID
Anhui University, China
Interests: machine fault diagnosis; signal processing; deep learning; weak signal detection; instrumentation and measurement; embedded system; robotics

Dr. Xiandong Ma     Website
Lancaster University, UK
Interests: intelligent condition monitoring and fault diagnosis/prognosis of wind power systems

Prof. Dr. David Mba      Website     
De Montford University, UK
Interests: machine condition monitoring; machine fault diagnosis;  model based prognostics and machine performance prediction

Prof. Dr. Christopher Mechefske      Website 
Queen’s University, Canada 
vibration and noise reduction; vibration based machine condition monitoring and fault diagnostics

Prof. Dr. Huajiang Ouyang      Website    ORCID
Liverpool University, UK
Interests: structural dynamics and control (friction-induced vibration, moving-load problems), energy harvesting, inverse dynamic analysis, solid mechanics, tribology

Prof. Dr. Zhike Peng      Website   
Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
signal processing, nonlinear systems, nonlinear oscillations, system identification; mechanical vibrations, vibration control, dynamics and control of smart structures, structural health monitoring and damage detection, rotating machine fault diagnosis

Prof. Dr. Paolo Pennacchi     Website    ORCID  
Politecnico Milano, Italy
Interests: dynamics of mechanisms and complex structures; rotor dynamics and its related topics (especially for dynamics of machines employed for power generation: cracks in shafts and blades, seals, oil-film bearings); in traction systems for regional and high-speed

Prof. Dr. Rahizar Ramli      Website   
University of Malaya, Malaysia
vehicle dynamics and controllable suspension systems; vibration and condition monitoring; structural dynamics; engineering optimization; finite element analysis and engineering acoustics; computational and experimental mechanics

Prof. Dr. Riccardo Rubini      Website    ORCID
Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy
simulation, monitoring and diagnostics of mechanical systems; vibration analysis; signal processing; predictive maintenance

Prof. Dr. Yimin Shao     Website    ORCID
Chongqing University, China
signal processing, noise analysis and pattern recognition, equipment fault diagnosis, intelligent monitoring and residual life prediction technology, precision transmission and system integration technology

Prof. Dr. Ian Sherrington      Website    ORCID
University of Central Lancashire, UK
measurement of lubrication; friction and wear

Prof. Dr. Jyoti Sinha      Website    ORCID
University of Manchester, UK
 FE model updating; vibration control; health monitoring techniques; plant maintenance and reliability

Prof. Dr. Jiong Tang      Website     
University of Connecticut, USA
Interests: system dynamics, control, sensing and automation

Prof. Dr. Roderick Thomas      Website    ORCID
Swansea University, UK
infrared thermography; predictive maintenance; asset management and vibration analysis; monitoring and analysis with particular reference to disruptive technology; as applied to the following industries: manufacturing, pharmaceutical, power generation and health and car

Dr. Van Tung Tran      Website    ORCID
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTECH) – A*STAR, Singapore
Interests: condition monitoring; signal and image processing; fault diagnosis; prognosis; machine learning and deep learning; AI technologies

Prof. Dr. Fernando Viadero      Website    ORCID
Universidad de Cantabria, Spain

Prof. Dr. Huaqing Wang      Website    ORCID
Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China
Interests: signal processing; fault diagnosis; pattern recognition; intelligent diagnosis; feature extraction

Prof. Dr. Ling Wang      Website
University of Southampton, UK
condition monitoring, sensor technologies and advanced signal processing techniques;wind turbine bearing failure (white etching cracking) research;engine oil age detection using thick-film sensors (online oil acidity measurement)

Dr. Tianyang Wang      Website    ORCID
Tsinghua University, China
Interests: fault diagnosis and signal analysis of large rotating machinery (such as wind turbines and aero engines); modern signal processing; dynamic modeling; artificial intelligence; pattern recognition

Prof. Dr. Ruqiang Yan      Website     ORCID
Xian Jiaotong University, China
wavelet transform; deep learning; transfer learning; artificial intelligence; fault diagnosis; prognostics

Prof. Dr. Shixi Yang     Website
Zhejiang University, China
Interests: condition monitoring and fault diagnosis; intelligent detection; machine assembly and production automation; mechatronics

Prof. Dr. Wenxian Yang      Website    ORCID
Newcastle University, UK
Interests: condition monitoring; signal processing; renewable energy; wind power; biomimetic technique; offshore renewable energy; floating wind turbine; fault diagnosis; machine learning

Prof. Dr. Isa Yesilyurt      Website 
University of Usak, Turkey
Interests: vibration analysis; modal analysis; dynamics; structural health monitoring; finite element modeling; mechanical engineering; machining; elasticity; stress analysis; finite element analysis

Dr.  Jie Zhang      Website   
Newcastle University, UK
 advanced process control; neural networks; fuzzy systems; neuro-fuzzy systems; process modelling; process fault detection and diagnosis; process monitoring; batch process control; optimisation; optimal control of batch processes; genetic algorithms; intelligent control systems.

Prof. Dr. Dong Zhen      Website 
Hebei University of Technology, China
Interests: mechanical fault diagnosis technology; mechanical system dynamics; signal and information processing;noise and vibration control;automotive electronic control technology

Prof. Dr. Radoslaw Zimroz     Website
Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Interests: Condition monitoring; predictive maintenance; gearboxes; bearings; mining machines; signal processing; data analysis; time varying systems; pattern recognition; process monitoring and analysis; advanced analysis; industrial BigData, IoT; monitoring systems; automation, robotics; inspection robots

Prof. Dr. Enrico Zio      ORCID
PSL University, France
Interests: the modeling of the failure-repair-maintenance behavior of components and complex systems, for the analysis of their reliability, maintainability, prognostics, safety, vulnerability, resilience and security characteristics, and on the development and use of Monte Carlo simulation methods, artificial intelligence techniques and optimization heuristics

Prof. Dr. Al-Hussein Albarbar      Website    ORCID    
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Interests: wind turbines condition monitoring methods; renewable energy systems; vibration measurements and analysis techniques; smart sensors; industrial internet of things; vibroacoustics of rotating equipment

Prof. Dr. Jerome Antoni      Website    ORCID
University of Lyon, INSA Lyon, Laboratoire Vibrations acoustique, France
vibration analysis; acoustics; inverse problems; condition monitoring; signal processing; machine learning; system identification

Dr. Dhany Arifianto      Website    ORCID
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia
Interests: estimation;estimation and detection theory;signal processing;signal analysis;vibration analysis; digital signal processing

Prof. Dr. David Baglee      Website   ORCID
University of Sunderland, UK
Interests: condition monitoring; fault detection; fault diagnostics

Prof. Dr. Fakher Chaari     Website    ORCID 
National School of Engineers of Sfax, Tunisia
Interests: modelling; dynamics; modal analysis; vibration response; rotating machinery; gears; bearings; defects modelling; defects diagnostics; vibration absorbers; signal processing

Prof. Dr. Xuefeng Chen      Website    ORCID
Xi'an Jiaotong University, China
Interests: mechanical structure design and dynamic analysis; mechanical fault diagnosis and health management; active control of major mechanical equipment