Visual Communication Design Of Pandai Sikek's Brand Identity

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Riki Iskandar
Widia Marta


The skill of Pandai Sikek songket weaving is one of the businesses that supports the economy of the Pandai Sikek area itself. Apart from that, it attracts tourists to buy souvenirs typical of West Sumatra. Promotional Video is very important because building awareness and Brand recognition is facilitated by a memorable and instantly recognizable identity and visual and verbal expression of the brand. brand identity, expression, communication, synthesis, and visualization support. From the method of data collection in the form of observation, interviews and literature will be studied further through analysis and synthesis so that this brand identity is right on target. the results of this design helped increase the popularity and recognition of the identity of Pandai Sikek Village to the world. This research resulted in a level of success in building a brand using promotional videos.

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