Digital Entrepreneurship Based E-Learning Implementation With Cooperative Learning Method

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Erdisna Erdisna
Febriyanno Suryana
Erna Susanti
S Imelda
TLT Chairunnisa


This study aims to build an e-learning based on digital entrepreneurship as a student learning application using the cooperative learning method. This cooperative learning method is used because the focus of this learning application is the assignment of students in groups, while the digital entrepreneurship-based learning model is used so that students can take advantage of the assignments given for entrepreneurship with the applications they make. In this case students will be given assignments in groups and carry out group discussions online. The problem that has occurred so far is that the assignments that have been given to students are just assignments without any continuation of these assignments. The system to be built is a digital entrepreneurship-based learning application, namely an application regarding student assignments with the web method using the PHP programming language, and using the MYSQL database and the Cooperative Learning method. The system design method uses the waterfall model with a system design tool, namely the Unified Modeling Language (UML). The results of the research are in the form of learning media that can facilitate and assist lecturers and students in carrying out the learning process online

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