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Prof. Dr. Fulei Chu      Website   ORCID

Tsinghua University, China
Interests: condition monitoring; fault dynamic modelling; fault diagnostics; signal processing; feature extraction; remaining useful life prediction

Prof. Dr. Fengshou Gu      Website    ORCID
University of Huddersfield, UK
condition monitoring; vibroacoutic analysis; acoustic emission; fault diagnosis; signal processing; measurements; dynamic modelling; AI technologies

Prof. Dr. Zhipeng Feng      Website    ORCID
Beijing University of Science and Technology, China
 signal processing; machinery fault diagnosis

Dr. Wade Smith      Website    ORCID
University of New South Wales, Australia 
Interests: machine condition monitoring; machine diagnostics and prognostics; gear wear; transmission error analysis; variable speed diagnostics; instantaneous angular speed estimation; planetary gearbox diagnostics; sliding wear; dynamic simulations; digital twins

Prof. Dr. Hui Ma     Website  
Northeastern University, China
dynamics of rotating machinery; mechanical system fault diagnosis

Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Gryllias      Website    ORCID
KU Leuven, Belgium
vibrations; acoustics; diagnostics; prognostics; digital twins

Dr. Dong Wang      Website    ORCID
Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
Interests: condition monitoring; fault diagnosis; signal processing; statistical modeling; machine learning; statistical learning; non-destructive testing; feature extraction; prognostics and health management

Dr. Meng Ma      Website   ORCID
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
Interests: prognostics and health management; signal processing; surrogate modeling of complex systems; physics-informed machine learning; risk management through Bayesian inference.

Prof. Dr. Lingli Cui      Website 
Beijing University of Technology, China
Interests: system dynamics model and equipment failure mechanism; advanced signal processing method and mechanical fault feature extraction technology;intelligent diagnosis and life prediction technology;modern sensing and on-line monitoring system

Prof. Dr. Gianluca D'Elia      Website    ORCID
University of Ferrara, Italy
Interests: diagnostics and prognostics of rotating machines; gearbox diagnostics;  bearing diagnostics; planetary gearbox diagnostics

Dr. Wenbo Duan      Website    ORCID
University of Hertfordshire, UK
ultrasonic non-destructive-testing; numerical modelling; finite element analysis; acoustics; guided waves

Dr. Mucchi Emiliano      ORCID   
University of Ferrara, Italy
Interests: noise and vibrations of machines, with particular reference to elastodynamic models, condition monitoring, diagnostics and experimental vibration measurements

Prof. Dr. Spilios D Fassois      Website    ORCID
University of Patras, Greece
Statistical Time Series methods for stochastic identification and fault diagnosis / Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)