About the Journal


ISSN : Online ISSN : 2460-5611 | Print ISSN : 1979-9292

Accreditation : Sinta 3
Status : Open Access
Publication : March, June, September, December

Publisher : Lembaga Layanan Pendidikan Tinggi Wilayah X

Scope : Applied Science, Economic Applied, Management Applied. Education, Health, Technology and Another Research about Applied Science

Journal Ipteks Terapan (JIT) is a journal published four times a year containing the discipline of science and applied science and technology. The journal focuses on publishing unpublished original research results anywhere such as:

  1. the research result on applied science and education such as: curriculum development and learning, character education, technology and instructional innovation, and learning evaluation.
  2. the research result on applied science and technolgy suh as: the development of applied technology and applied arts, appropriate technology, designing information systems. 
  3. the research result on applied science on economic development and management.
  4. the research result on applied science and public health.

Any manuscripts submitted through the online process and reviewed by the partner bebestari will determine whether the manuscripts are publish or not.

Continuing the previous  publication  at http://ejournal.lldikti10.id/index.php/jit/index, now JIT comes with a new look using the OJS 3 platform. without losing the old journal repository. and article submissions will only be processed if you submit the article athttp://publikasi.lldikti10.id/index.php/jit

Note  :Jurnal Ipteks Terapan is still in the process of migrating from OJS 2 to OJS 3 so that there are several manuscripts that have been submitted in OJS 2, we have moved them to OJS 3 to continue the publishing process.